Monday, October 29, 2012

Good Nutrition Focus of Mesquite ISD
All School Year Long

“Just Taste It Tuesdays” are offered once a month in elementary, middle school and high school cafeterias. On each of these special days, students will be introduced to a seasonal vegetable such as squash and sweet potatoes.

This is one of the new cafeteria initiatives under way this school year in Mesquite. Our menus feature a heartier and wider variety of vegetables and fresh fruit in response to new government guidelines that shift focus from the main course.

During November’s Good Nutrition Month and throughout the school year, keep in mind that good nutrition fuels kids with energy for school and the extra-curricular activities so important to their full development. Let’s also remember to support the healthy taste-testing programs under way on every campus.

For more nutrition tips, visit these websites:

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