Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stimulate Summer Student Learning
with Engaging Educational Websites

Online educational games and resources will stimulate student learning this summer. It seems like there is something for everyone, and kids can work at their own pace. 

See if some of these offerings pique interest:

·      A Marvel comic creator helps student practice artistic mastery and experiment with storytelling techniques.
·      Art Games allows kids to create abstract paintings online and discover painting techniques.
·      Wonderopolis explains a new “wonder” of daily life, such as why zebras have stripes.
·      Oxford Owl offers games that test reading comprehension while improving memory, and much more.
·      Science Netlinks helps kids tap into interactive and vibrant games, listen to podcasts and get help with hands-on activities. They can learn about the inner workings of the body and much more.

Let us know your favorite educational sites and why.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Help Students Prepare
for Another Stellar Year

As the 2012-13 school year comes to an end, this great news just came in: Mesquite ISD graduates were offered more than $30 million in scholarships—nearly $12 million more than last year. Results like that would not happen without stellar students guided by our exceptional staff, as well as strong community and family support.

Let’s continue building on this momentum over the summer by encouraging and participating in learning. To avoid summer brain drain, in which students can lose four-six weeks of knowledge, here are a few tips:

- Keep lots of books around and make regular trips to the library. You can also access the district’s digital library with grade level recommended reading lists 24/7 from anywhere.
- Keep math in mind, since kids lose more math skills than anything else over the summer. For free online math problems and reading instruction for grades 3-8, go to And for grades 9-12 or high school prep, offers excellent study aids.
- Encourage journaling or emailing to keep writing skills sharp.
- Start a family book club or discuss current events to build analysis skills.

Remember, learning is a lifelong pursuit. Let’s help all Mesquite ISD students realize that hard work and focus will pay dividends.

Have a safe and wonderful summer break.