Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home and School Partnership

I was recently asked about my wish for Mesquite ISD students in 2009. I answered, “That all of our students will resolve to take advantage of the opportunities they have to learn each and every day.” Now that we are well into January and the second spring semester, I am confident that our students and our district will realize continued success this year. Great things are ahead! To quote our new President, “Yes, we can!”

However, as educators, our influence often stretches only part of the way on the path to achievement. Research shows that the home and school partnership plays a vital role in the success of each student. As we enter the second half of the school year, I am interested to hear your suggestions on how we can strengthen this partnership between us. As parents, how do you encourage your children to take advantage of the opportunities they have at school to learn and achieve? What can you share with other parents that will help them to support their own children? And what can our schools do to make our relationship more productive?