Saturday, August 22, 2009

Parent Involvement

Research shows that students who are involved in school activities and organizations are more successful students. The Mesquite ISD has a wide variety of opportunities for students of all grade levels to be involved in activities ranging from fine arts and athletics to special interest clubs and community service groups.

Many of these activities include opportunities for you, the parent, to be involved, as well. From serving in the booster club to helping design costumes, showing an interest in your child (and your child’ s school) reaffirms the positive choices they make.

Parents may be reluctant to volunteer, wanting to give their child space. But children quickly appreciate the interest you show in them and their activities. I’m sure there are lots of parents out there who would love to share how this experience has helped their child succeed. So tell us. What success have you witnessed by becoming involved in your child’s education? What would you tell a parent who wants to be more involved?