Saturday, August 22, 2009

Parent Involvement

Research shows that students who are involved in school activities and organizations are more successful students. The Mesquite ISD has a wide variety of opportunities for students of all grade levels to be involved in activities ranging from fine arts and athletics to special interest clubs and community service groups.

Many of these activities include opportunities for you, the parent, to be involved, as well. From serving in the booster club to helping design costumes, showing an interest in your child (and your child’ s school) reaffirms the positive choices they make.

Parents may be reluctant to volunteer, wanting to give their child space. But children quickly appreciate the interest you show in them and their activities. I’m sure there are lots of parents out there who would love to share how this experience has helped their child succeed. So tell us. What success have you witnessed by becoming involved in your child’s education? What would you tell a parent who wants to be more involved?


  1. This blog post has special meaning for me.

    My son starts Poteet as a Freshman this year. He is my fourth child to go through MISD schools. He made the marching band and is in the symphonic band. My heart overflows at his smile when we make eye contact across the crowd. It seems he tries just a little bit harder for me.

    Parent involvement is a great motivator for students. It validates their choices and successes and encourages them to do their best.

    In addition, it gives parents the greatest "warm fuzzie" there is to get. :)

  2. Thank you for your very nice comment. I completely agree that everyone benefits when parents are involved and really like the way you described "warm fuzzies." Your support is greatly appreciated.

  3. I have always felt like parent involvement was a vital part of my childs education although in the past few years it has felt like we are being pushed out of the school. Last year we had to sign in at Gentry to walk our kids to class and I can understand safety issues but this year we are not allowed to walk them to class in the morning at all. When you leave your child and just have that extra minute in the morning to see them to class that is special. Also it is nice for teachers to see you there and know that you care, you can offer a hello to the teacher and students know that parents and teachers will often see each other. It just now seems like we are not welcome in the school.

  4. Parents are important partners to us. It is true that some practices have changed to provide safety for students. For example, because our society has become more mobile, the administrators may not always recognize every parent. Providing safety to students is extremely important, and we have taken steps to be sure principals are aware of visitors in the building at all times. Also, campuses strive to maximize each instructional moment and have put routines into place that allow an immediate instructional focus. Because some practices may vary among campuses, we recommend that you contact the principal at your child’s school to discuss your concerns.

  5. I also agree that parent involvement is what makes a difference in student success. This continues all the way through high school and college. Just curious if there is a reason why college night and high school open house are on the same night this year. College night is usually so crowded that it takes the whole time to visit the colleges that are of interest. But we also hate to miss the one opportunity to personally visit with each of our child's teachers.

  6. The date for Open House was set when we approved the school year calendar last spring. Our partner in College Night is the Texas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, and our date for College Night is set by their recruitment calendar. In order to have a better representation of colleges and universities, we have to fit into their recruitment schedule. So Monday night will be a busy night for our high school campuses! Open House, at our high school campuses is 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., and Mesquite ISD College Night at Eastfield College is 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. We hope parents can make both events if they choose to. Only juniors/seniors and their parents are encouraged to attend College Night. We will have over 100 colleges and universities with representatives to talk with students and two financial aid seminars—one in English at 6:30 and one in Spanish at 7:30 in the Performance Hall at Eastfield. If you miss the Financial Aid seminar, the district will host another one on January 11 at North Mesquite High School.

    In addition, we are asking teachers who typically give extra credit for Open House attendance to extend that to students who attend College Night at Eastfield. We will have attendance verification sheets they can turn in to verify their attendance at the event. We want to encourage students to attend to gain a better understanding of the college admissions process and to work toward their MyFuture goals.

    Conflicts do occur, and we would never intentionally schedule two such important events on the same evening. While it is not the best situation, we hope it is workable for our families.

  7. Dr. Henrie,

    I think that student activities are key. As president of the local amateur radio club, the HAM Association of Mesquite, I am interested in getting amateur radio included in th activites available to students. MISD already offers instruction in careers in commercial broadcasting through KEOM. Amateur Radio can open a much larger world to students that along the way exposes them to math, science, physics, geography and foreign languages. This is done in a fun and practical way. After all, if we teach some students how to earn a living running a radio station, shouldn't we encourage others to seek a career in the technical aspects of communications. Somebody needs to know how to fix them when they break, right? HAM stands ready to assist MISD any way necessary including instruction, grant funding acquisition and station construction.

  8. Thank you for your suggestion. Each year we consider curriculum revisions including additions and deletions, and your information will be forwarded to the Administrative Officer-Curriculum Develpment. At this point, major revisions are occurring at the state level, so it is doubtful we will be able to make additions.

  9. I have been a Band Parent volunteer since my oldes daughter entered MHS as freshman in the fall of 2000. My 4th child is currently a 10th grader in the Band.(All 5 of my children are now in band, with the youngest starting 7th grade band 2009-2010). If parents are afraid of 'crowding' a child, then quit worrying. There are soooo many other students to interact with, and benefit from the extra attention and help the volunteer provides. Saddly, sometimes the only positive attention a student receives is from the teachers. Having someone else pull for these academic/extracurricular orphans and cheer them on, even when hot, sweaty, grumpy, or disillusioned keeps them going.

    My children go their way at the activity, and I have my own little group of students, frequently a little off-beat, that I bond with. After we get home, then we can talk about how things went, who did and said what, and share with each other with a participatory view....and it matters everyone.

  10. Thank you for your comment. Our band parents are vital to the band program in each school, and I appreciate the time you and others give. Please encourage others to get involved too. It makes a big difference.


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