Friday, November 2, 2012

Donation Week Showcases
Mesquite ISD’s Greatness

“Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.”
Dr. Martin Luther King

The genuine caring of the people in the Mesquite ISD community is one of my favorite things about our district, and I’m not alone in this. Many of our employees, students and parents talk about the welcoming, family-like atmosphere here.

It will be easy to witness that spirit of giving and kindness during our Districtwide Donation Week that runs November 5-9. During this annual initiative, each school picks a community project to benefit Mesquite Social Services’ Christmas Project or the Clothes Closet run by our Council of PTAs.

In 2011, we collected nearly $35,000 in donations, including money for clothes, nearly 600 toys, more than 350 pairs of socks and 25,000 food items. Not only was each campus involved, but some of our district employees participated as well. Our district’s maintenance workers, for example, pitched in by delivering our donations from our campuses to the beneficiaries.

Thank you for your community involvement and for being a part of MISD’s greatness.

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