Monday, October 15, 2012

Election Time Nearing; Early Voting Only a Week Away

Interested in casting your vote early for the upcoming General Election? If so, the early voting process in Texas starts Monday, October 22, and runs through Friday, November 2.

Whether you vote on the official November 6 Election Day or beforehand, just be sure you let your voice be heard. It’s critically important for people who care about public education to participate in the political process. The people we elect chart the course for our state, and in the 2013 Legislative Session they’ll do so facing incredible economic challenges.

Polls show that Texans support public education, including increased funding for schools. However, Texas has posted some of the worst voter turnout rates in the country over the past 10 years. In fact, only 32.3 percent of registered voters in Texas participated in the 2010 General Election – the lowest in the nation.

Let’s show our pride in our great state during this election. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a say in Texas’ future.

For your reference, here are two informative,
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