Friday, March 7, 2014

Attention Parents: Now is Time to Learn
New High School Graduation Requirements

Attention parents, especially those of current eighth-graders.
House Bill 5, passed by the Texas State Legislature, includes new high school graduation requirements.

To help you understand and navigate this somewhat complex system, please attend our districtwide Transition Night on Tuesday, March 18, at the high school your son or daughter will attend next year. Additional parent/student meetings will also be scheduled soon.

Parent involvement has taken on another dimension like never before. You and your incoming freshman will need to review information and make decisions about selecting courses leading to one of five endorsements. 

You’ll find HB5 offers greater flexibility for student course options, but with that comes greater responsibility for you and your child to make thoughtful decisions.  For example, a class that is not required for high school graduation may very well be required for college admission.

Stay tuned for additional information, and I hope you make a concerted effort to attend Transition Night.

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