Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Children's Social Media Use

More and more students are using technology for social networking. Outlets like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are important tools for communication; however, sometimes these tools and others like them can be used in negatives ways that hurt others. Do you believe parents should monitor their children’s social networking activities? If so, how often should parents take a look at these profiles and pages?


  1. I absolutely believe that we as parents should monitor all of our children activities,including Facebook,My Space etc.As to how often I think it should depend on the child.

  2. Thank you for your comment and opinion.

  3. As with all things parents should definitely monitor their childrens' activities ---- and probably even more so on the social networking sites --- as kids, I don't think they full understand that what is put on the internet is there for the WORLD to see! There can be some serious and sometimes adverse consequences!

    How often we should monitor them?? It probably does depend on the child. If they are only online occassionally, then occassional monitoring will probably suffice. If they are on everyday from the time homework, chores are done, I would say at least once a week, or so.

  4. I think all social outlets should be monitored including text messages to ensure that you are properly guiding and directing your children in all areas of their lives.


  5. I as a student of the MISD belive that checking on your children's "communication Devices" is responsible parenting.My mom checks on my brother's Facebook awell as my sister's too. If children/teens are afraid that thier parents might read about what they write,they shouldn't write it at all.


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