Thursday, June 19, 2014

Boredom Boosts Creativity, But
Keep Free Websites in Your Back Pocket

Contrary to kids’ complaints, they actually need to be bored. That’s when they will discover they don’t need stuff to constantly fill their time. That’s when they’re inspired to create their own entertainment and summer gets magical. Boredom can actually boost creativity levels to new and unexpected heights.

When the time’s right for an educational time filler, though, free online games can stimulate student learning this summer. It seems like there is something for everyone, and kids can work at their own pace. 

See if some of these offerings pique interest:

- A Marvel comic creator helps student practice artistic mastery and experiment with storytelling techniques.
- Art Games allows kids to create abstract paintings online and discover painting techniques.
- Wonderopolis explains a new “wonder” of daily life, such as why zebras have stripes.
- Oxford Owl offers games that test reading comprehension while improving memory, and much more.
- Science Netlinks helps kids tap into interactive and vibrant games, listen to podcasts and get help with hands-on activities. They can learn about the inner workings of the body and much more.

Here’s hoping all our students’ minds and bodies stay active this summer, and they return to their campuses refreshed and ready to embark on a great school year.

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