Friday, May 9, 2014

Let’s Not Let Teacher
Appreciation End Here

Here in Texas and in Mesquite ISD, it’s Teachers Appreciation Week.
Our campus celebrations included a Mexican feast for Gray Elementary teachers, and Mesquite High culinary students made cupcakes for faculty there. Those are just examples of many fun and heartfelt activities across our 46 campuses.

Just this week, Taylor Lipsett – a two-time gold medalist in the Para Olympic Games and graduate of Beasley, Kimbrough and Poteet – acknowledged at a special event how several of his Mesquite ISD teachers influenced him. And let me tell you, those teachers were beaming with pride and deservedly so.

Thank you for helping our teachers feel special this week. Remember, there’s still time to write a note, send an e-mail or tweet to show your appreciation. And those gestures are welcome all year long.
There’s no deadline really for letting a teacher know what he or she has meant to you or your child.

Tell us about your favorite teacher.

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