Friday, April 18, 2014

1:1 iPad Initiative for Sixth-Graders
to Begin Next School Year

Beginning next school year, every sixth-grader in our district will be allocated his or her very own iPad to use on campus. The initial focus of this 1:1 iPad initiative includes the subjects of social studies and science. Another part of this program provides iPad usage for pre-K and kindergarten students needing extra help in literacy skills, phonics, listening and comprehension.

Thank you to our instructional technology and curriculum leaders for their partnership in planning for this $1.7 million program. Teacher training begins in May for the iPads’ debut in classrooms next fall.

Clear, measurable learning goals have been set for student iPad usage. For example, sixth-graders will be challenged to create, collaborate and problem solve through project-based experiences.

Through this technology initiative and in many other areas, Mesquite ISD continues to raise the bar in our quest for excellence.


  1. What happens if one gets broken. Who is liable for that? Will they have internet access ?

    1. Students will be held responsible for their actions. Accidents will happen, though, and students will not be responsible for those.

      Mesquite ISD students have filtered access to the the Internet now and will with 1:1 iPads.


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