Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let’s Continue to Bring Out
the Best in Our Students

Before school began this year, our teachers, principals and other school leaders talked over the summer about heroism. We reminded ourselves that we have the potential to become heroes in our students’ lives.  This opportunity spans from simply lifting a student’s mood one day to being the one to set him or her on a successful career path. So many of us remember at least one teacher’s piece of advice, kernel of knowledge or action that changed us forever.

You might say Shaw Elementary’s PE staff members are second-grader Kloie Oguntodu’s heroes. While teaching football punting, passing and kicking skills to all Shaw students, PE teacher Noah Wood identified Kloie’s potential early this school year. Since then, PE assistant Rick Grady and Wood have coached her to outshine and outscore several million girls her age. Working with her daily at school and partnering with her parents and grandparents for more support, they’ve helped her earn a spot to compete at this weekend’s NFL Punt, Pass & Kick (PP&K) National Championship.

Believe it or not, Shaw Elementary has produced three national contenders for the P,P&K contests. And year after year, several Shaw students make it to the three-state round of competition held at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium that leads up to the national round.

Best of luck to Kloie on Saturday’s competition. And let’s continue to work together to bring out the best in all our students.

Please pass along other examples of heroism by Mesquite ISD teachers or other staffers you've witnessed this year.

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