Friday, May 31, 2013

Still Beaming from 2012-13
Graduations? You’re Not Alone

If witnessing five high school graduations and looking forward to another one next week isn’t invigorating for me, nothing can be. It is so fulfilling to address these proud new graduates, hand out diplomas and hear the applause from their proud relatives and supporters. Also, seeing the joy from their teachers, principals and others on their campus support teams is contagious.

After Mesquite Academy’s upcoming ceremony, our district will graduate about 2,700 students in total this school year. Congratulations again to all new graduates. I also commend their parents; teachers and principals from kindergarten through senior year; and all others who helped influence this great achievement.

For those of you who had to miss a graduation or just want to watch one again, all Mesquite ISD graduation ceremonies are posted on YouTube. Graduation photos are also available on the district’s Facebook page.

I hope this academic milestone propels each student to future success and community service.

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