Friday, February 1, 2013

Acts of Kindness to Grow 26 Fold
on Each Mesquite ISD Campus

Our district’s kindness initiative, K.A.R.E.S., will likely be busier than ever this month. Throughout February, we’ve asked every Mesquite ISD campus and department to support the 26 Acts of Kindness program initiated by Ann Curry of NBC News.

Recently a group of Mesquite ISD counselors developed ideas to celebrate and support Ann Curry’s campaign to commit to 26 acts of kindness in honor of the students and faculty who died at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Learn more about #26Acts here:

It’s important to note that Acts of Kindness do not need to be grandiose or cost a dime.  Smiling at someone needing reassurance or just simply sharing encouraging words are ways to extend kindness to our friends and families.  

Multiply 26 by our 46 campuses, and imagine how much kindness will be extended to others! And let’s not even stop there. Please join us with your own gestures of goodness. What positive influences can you bring to your families, neighborhood, community or at your place of business? Together, our impact will be powerful.

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